Thursday, 12 January 2012

So what are the tweeple saying?

Whats trending on twitter? Being Gujju,Being Mallu,Being Mayawati , Fatwa against Suryanamaskar!!!

Huh!!!Okay so first Google - throws up dependable Wiki

A fatwā (Arabic: فتوى‎; plural fatāwā Arabic: فتاوى‎) in the Islamic faith is a juristic ruling concerning Islamic law issued by an Islamic scholar.

So am armed with the technical definition , further data - here goes list of all fatwas - as the disclaimer suggests - merely indicative and not exhaustive!!!

Okay, so no suryanamaskar for the believers.

Says who ?

Ans : Say Islamic scholars in Madhya Pradesh

Why now? Both the fatwa and surya namaskar have been around for centuries-

Ans: Guinness record attempt by a bunch of people (non virtual ) who intend to twist their way into the hall of fame.LOL

So what??? Well nothing except Mr Digvijay Singh ( of the Congress(I) fame ) seems to feel its an intra-right conspiracy.

Hmm, says Mia, with patriots like these , India does not need enemies

And tweeple of course see this as trending material!!!So tweet away - both Fatwa as a tool in course correction of the flock and Suryanamaskar as twisty turny way of proving your point will get some much needed publicity.

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