Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Irreverently Yours

Hmmm, so Faking News is the new opinion maker...funny,irreverent and delightfully sarcastic,it is by far the most bi partisan reporting Ive seen either in print or on television.

A humorous take on the events of the day and available in Hindi and English,Ive been recommending a daily dose for all of my friends- the curiously apolitical ,techies, non techies and financial wizards who do have the "holier than thou" approach to politics and politicians.Well If I do need my dose of politics, in my home state where politics mixes freely with the water in the rivers ( the ones they are trying to build a dam on),might as well have it through Faking News!!!

There is oddly enough no fear or favor here and Netizens do have their say...pulling Sibal's autocratic legs or parodying Diggy "you know whos" dutiful tweets on behalf of the family (err party),to pulling up the eternal Yathri, nothing seems sacrilegious here!!!

The ability to laugh at ones own follies ,says Mia, is what a healthy society needs.Delighted to know fellow thinkers inhabit the virtual world...where at least life is one hearty comedy!!

Irreverently Yours

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