Monday, 13 February 2012

A few good men

We happen to be ruled by two ways about that and in our case, the government far from being that faceless professional outfit,dedicated to governance and devoted to the well being of its citizens seems to be talking in a cacophony of voices emanating from a motley crowd of what else ...politicians.
And the ordinary citizen, that nameless, faceless being that gets herded into polling booths,election rallies,what does he think, what does he say and believe?

Does he care for the conflict between institutions? Of well fed egos and sharp minds.

Does he care for the intelligentsia, their witty oneliners, and the self righteous rantings of a partisan media?

Does he believe the numbers bandied about,of whispers ,of unheard of wealth stashed away in far away lands - does he believe that one man can swindle crores ,while the rest look away.He shrugs his shoulder and pays his taxes.

What does he think when infants die,children forfeit their claims to childhood,farmers believe death to be the honorable end,soldiers are maimed defending an invisible line?

After his daily efforts, in a moment of silence he remembers his creator and thanks heaven for the frugal, honest meal.No time has he to hate or kill.

Does he have time to ponder on the imponderable - as to why his land is being used as the majestic backdrop for a cowardly fight between nations?

He hopes the faceless government would know.

Does he care for the crores spent on the jamboree called election campaigns?He waits for the helicopter and the dust it raises, listens patiently, awaits his turn in the endless que braving the heat, the snow and the rains, all to express his trust, his faith and hopes, and to stake his future ,on the good sense, honesty and decency of a few good men...the premise on which every democracy stands.

An ordinary citizen, with his hopes , his aspirations, to see that his family is well taken care of ,toils through life and ends up being an alphanumeric code, a number, a statistic.

He lives not for glory ,but glory is his, as it is on his bones and that of his ancestors that this formidable institution stands.

I say, mock not the intelligence of the common folk, their stoicism, their fortitude,their courage, if not for them, you would not be.

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